When it comes to sports cars, supercars, tuning and automotive events, the most comprehensive up-to-date website remains Our visitors are sure to always come back because they are guaranteed to get unique features and coverage. Please visit our about epicsupercars page to obtain more information on what we do. Our advertising campaigns are highly targeted. For better results, we streamline our advert targets to certain regions and/or countries. Brands like BMW, Kia, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Porsche, Mitsubishi, Vorsteiner, Gemballa etc are advertised by EpicSuperCars. People from the US, UK and Germany constitute a majority of the 4,500,000+ visitors received on epicsupercars, after which other European power houses Canada and Australia form the next bulk of visitors. Most recently, people from Asia and the Arab world as well as Chad in Africa have all visited the epicsupercars. There is barely any place on this earth that is yet to send its own fair share of visitors.

To maintain our standards, we offer only premium targeted adverts, we do not offer any sponsored articles, link swaps, blog posts, text links, link swaps or paid social media updates. For more information or a dedicated proposal, and for advert bookings on the number one website for luxury and performance cars.

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