Dodge Viper 1-Of-1 Personalization Program Expanded, Matte Finish Now Available


Dodge’s ultra-exclusive ‘1-of-1’ personalization program for its Viper supercar has proven so popular that for the 2016 model year the American go-fast brand is adding even more options, one of which is a striking matte finish available for most of the exterior colors. It means the Viper is now available in more than 50 million unique configurations, made up from the more than 16,000 unique paint color options and more than 48,000 unique stripe combinations.

Last year’s Viper Time Attack Anodized Carbon Special Edition was actually the first model to feature the new matte finish. Normally, the body panels are sanded with a fine 1,000-grit paper and then polished to a near mirror finish. To create the new matte finish, each panel is also sanded a second time before the matte clear paint is applied.


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