Google Vice President Benjamin Sloss Gifts A Ferrari FXX K To His Wife


Google VP Benjamin Sloss is a well known petrolhead. He has a fascinating car collection which includes McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari, Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Ferrari 458 Speciale A as well as the hardcore track only Ferrari 599XX Evo. What is more interesting is the obsession of husband and wife towards the yellow colour. All their cars except the P1 and 458 Speciale A are finished in yellow colour. During a recent trip to Fiorano race track, Ben had told his wife, Christine, that he had arranged a track day for her birthday in their Ferrari 599XX Evo. What she did not know was that Ben had planned the surprise of her life. When Christine reached Fiorano, she was treated to an unbelievable sight. Her new Ferrari FXX K finished in yellow and blue livery was covered under a red cloth and parked alongside their 599XX Evo outside the famous Enzo Ferrari’s office.

laferrari-sloss-690x329After getting the surprise of her life, Christine who is also know as ‘Race Wife’ quickly changed into the racing suit and lapped the Fiorano racetrack. She even managed to clock a time of 1 min and 20 seconds; just 3 seconds shy of FXX K’s Fiorano track record.

11872129_10153252943388495_443447796127450673_o-620x348Both of them will be present at the Spa in the coming weeks in their respective Ferrari racecars and Ben is already terrified that he is going to suffer very badly in his 599XX Evo against his wife.





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