The Bugatti Issue



Our upcoming issue (April 1st) will feature the worlds single largest resource of Bugattis currently for sale, we have left no barn unchecked in our search for every available vehicle on the market. At the time of writing we have well over 20 Bugattis residing within our pages and many many more to come. Owing to our title “The Bugatti Issue” we have dedicated over 60+ pages to the worlds fastest marque, our friend Jaap Horst of fame has penned a multi page feature for us on everything from the Chiron to Ettores little known P100 Aircraft.

An exciting feature to say the least!

As expected we will have the other 120+ pages filled to the brim with other exciting Fantasy Motor content. Our classifieds section alone approaches well over 120 vehicles, 25 Yachts and 30 Aircraft, the upcoming issue of Fantasy Motor Quarterly will have some of the automotive industries most respected accessories, parts, apparel and lifestyle brands represented as well as an entire section on upcoming race events throughout Europe, America and Asia.

Currently we have over 32,000 Private subscribers and would be honored to have you among them! Our next issue ships April 1st 2016.



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