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It is very important to know the value of any product is very important than the price of the same. This value normally helps in finding out the final price of any product. Keeping yourself aware of such big investment like the car you own is very important. When you are looking to sell your car or purchase a new car, proper car valuation is very important. A professional company like the valuers group can tell the value of your car or any other vehicle and also the final price which you can get from the market. As per car valuations Melbourne there are different type of parameters which can exactly determine the value of your car. This can surely depend on dealer to dealer but some basic factors which the valuers group considers are:


  1. Brand of your car. Your car’s value purely depends on the brand or the make. Any reliable brand can definitely get you more prices.
  2. Some car models are called flag bearers of certain periods and they are always popular.
  3. Next is the age of your car. This is very critical point in finding out the value and its price. If any car is older then of course it is priced always lower than any newer model.
  4. Another important factor is mileage. Total amount of distance your car has covered is also very helpful in determining the price you can get for your car. If there is more mileage of the car then you are going to get lesser value.
  5. Another thing is accidents. If your car has been involved in any accident then of course its value will do down. Nobody is interested in purchasing damaged product. If there is no damage still it would be very tough to find anyone who is going to risk their money on a product which perceives like it is damaged.
  6. Finally, the looks of your car. This is also very important factor to be considered. People who prefers to go for a looks. This means that if the vehicle is clean and without any damage then it can surely fetch you a better price.


At the valuers group, they value all kind of cars like standard, modified, imported and classic models. Even the company also value fleets and other cars which are normally used as the working model of any trade. The company not only considers price, their valuations also considers the market conditions and try to find out the valuations method of the car. Even they also look for any specific kind of unique feature, any modifications done and final conditions of your vehicle. The company has well researched, accurate and objective valuations. They also adhere to different guidelines from the Australian Valuers and Auctioneers Association (AVAA). Company’s valuations purely support different applications which include agreed value insurance, liquidation, family law proceedings and finance etc. All of their valuers are truly professional and impartial. They are also very empathetic to the requirements of any client.





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